3 Common Symptoms that Natural Honey Can Heal Miraculously

Natural Honey's ability to heal has long been appreciated, and it is recognized as one of the "superfoods," containing important vitamins, minerals, and enzymes necessary for the regeneration and strength of the body. It can heal a whole array of symptoms; from colds to bruises, from burns to respiratory problems.

Honey has also been recognized as one of the few liquids that do not spoil but can, in fact, be used as a preservative. Not only that, but it is a healthy alternative to sugar and can be used as a natural sweetener without the insulin surge or other problems caused by the intake of regular white sugar. Raw honey is especially useful because of the pollen present in it. People suffering from seasonal allergies can take raw honey and develop immunity to plants around their region for a healthier seasonal change.

So let's look at some of the symptoms that honey is known to heal rather miraculously:

1. Stomach Aches: Stomach aches are caused by many factors such as indigestion, heartburn, kidney stones and ulcers. Honey is a natural anti-bacterial, and when it comes to internal parasites, honey is as effective, or maybe even more than some regular over the counter drugs in fighting those bad bacteria and cleaning out the stomach inside.

A regular dose of honey, a tablespoon or two every other hour or so, can sooth away most mild stomach aches and relieve the severest of diarrheas, constipation, or even cramps. And in the more extreme cases, it has shown to treat some bad cases of stomach ulcers effectively.

2. Sore throat/Cough/Fever: This is an old recipe that my grandmother used to give me in my childhood years whenever I would come down with a fever or cold. It worked great when I was little and still works wonders whenever I need it. This recipe, as I later found out, is not only good for a sore throat and fever but can help reduce weight, sooth joint aches and pains, treat high blood pressure, fight hemorrhoids, stimulate the immune system, reduce the risk of cancer, and many more to name just a few.

So are you ready for this miracle recipe? Here it is:

Blend the following ingredients, or you can just mix it well with a teaspoon:

- 1 teaspoon raw honey

- 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar

- 1 garlic clove

- 1 full glass of water

You can drink this cold or make a nice warm tea as my grandmother would. Just pour the honey, vinegar and crushed garlic into the boiled water, stir and let it cool a bit. Enjoy!

3. Skin bruises/Cuts/Burns: Honey, when applied topically, heals damaged tissue and fights any infection caused by bacteria. It has special vitamins, enzymes, sugars and minerals that speed the healing of wounds caused by burns, cuts or bruises. It can be applied directly to first, second, and even third-degree burns. It removes dead tissue, puss, and scabs and stimulates the growth of new tissue, thus effectively bringing the skin back to its original form. Just apply honey directly to the area covering it with a sterile bandage. Apply more when necessary, changing the bandage every other day or so until the wound heals completely.

This reminds me that honey can also be used as a facial cleanser or even a hair conditioner. For a facial cleanse, use 2 tablespoons of honey mixed with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of thinly crushed almonds. Apply and rub into the face, leave for 5-10 minutes and then wash off. Your skin will feel nourished and will look and feel better than ever before.

For a hair conditioner, mix equal parts of honey with equal parts of olive oil. Apply to the scalp and hair and cover with a warm towel, shampoo and rinse. It will leave your hair shinier, and since the olive oil is a natural skin and hair absorbent, it absorbs the pure ingredients of the honey into the hair directly, feeding your hair with strength, quality and health!

Other uses for honey:

- Honey is safe in most cases; it can even be applied to a baby's gums while teething for a mild sedative and anesthetic. It can also be added to a baby's bottle, acting as the best pacifier and a vitamin additive. But be precautious when giving honey to babies less than 1-year-old. It is just too strong for them.

- It naturally works to preserve the calcium in the body making bones healthier and stronger. It is excellent for elders over 50 or anyone suffering from joint or muscle pains. It has also shown to prevent osteoporosis and arthritis. Just take a teaspoon of honey a day mixed with a few drops of vinegar to relieve pain and retain stronger bones. Honey users also live longer! An interesting fact, still yet to be explained is that beekeepers have one of the lowest levels of arthritis and cancer in the world!

- It is also a great stamina builder. Mixed with water, it acts as a stabilizer and improves cognitive powers. It can be taken for extra strength before exams, before a workout, when starting your school or work day, or before beginning any other activity requiring physical or mental attentiveness.

- Lastly, Honey is excellent for relieving depression. One tablespoon taken before bedtime can calm the senses, and in case of children, it removes fear and is used to stop bed wetting.

Honey, in fact, is a miraculous liquid, its story of origin relating back to the honey bees, the flowers and their hives is also a rather interesting one which I plan to discuss in a later article.

Also, its healing powers, not yet discovered entirely, are beyond ordinary, to say the least...

So much, so that big bears are willing to take their risks and get stung by bees to reach a few golden drops of this sweet liquid and its glorious taste.


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