How to Get the Whole Family to Eat Healthier Without Dieting

There are simple ways you can get the whole family to eat healthier without incorporating dieting into the mix. You also don’t have to change the entire way you shop for your family’s meals and snacks. By combining a few small things into your family’s eating habits, you can have the whole family eating healthier without having to do an entire makeover to your grocery list.

Start buying less fattening milk. Buy 2% or 1% milk, and leave whole milk alone. It all costs the same, but when you cook with milk for many meals and use milk for your dinner beverage or breakfasts foods, this simple changeup can make a healthier difference. The milk tastes the same as well, and no one should feel put out by this more straightforward, more robust change.

Start buying baked chips instead of the traditional chips that you usually buy for snacking, and buy low-fat popcorn as well. Don’t knock out the crunchy snacks entirely, just start buying baked snacks instead. They are delicious, and before long, your family won’t be able to tell the difference between cooked BBQ chips and the “real” thing.

Don’t take away the cookies, snack cakes, and other fun treats, but start adding some new ones to them, like low-fat puddings, yogurts, cheese sticks, and frozen yogurts instead of ice creams. You’ll notice your family munching on a cheese snack more often, and leaving the Twinkies alone. Having healthier options in addition to the regular snack foods keeps your family from feeling deprived.

Start using less butter or cheese in your meal preparations. Who says you have to block out these flavor enhancers entirely? You don’t- just add a cup and a half of cheese to a casserole instead of 2 cups of cheese, and add other spices, like garlic, to flavor up your meals successfully.

Buy more fruit drinks, like apple juice and orange juice, instead of soda. Keep a bottle of soda in the fridge, but have healthier options available. The soda may be the first thing to go, but eventually, everyone will settle for the juice and be OK with it. Once the juice has claimed it’s placed in your fridge, don’t buy any more soda.

Buy healthier cereals and add them to the sugary snack cereals that everyone eats typically. Buy the oatmeal and cream of wheat options that come in individual packets with various flavors to make hot cereals more enticing. If you keep buying the healthier grains once the family is used to them, the need for the sugary stuff diminishes.

Adding healthy foods to your family’s snacking and eating habits doesn’t mean you have to go all out. Start small, and eventually, nobody will notice that the milk is “weaker,” the chips are less greasy, and that the soda seems to have disappeared. Even just choosing one thing to change in your family’s diet can make all the difference, and nobody will feel deprived of it.

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