Some Things You Can Do to Soothe a Sore Throat

It’s winter time, and you notice a slight itchy sensation in your throat. You start to sneeze and you cough. You know what this is the beginning of, don’t you? Yes! It’s a cold that you are catching, and you know it.

There are some tried remedies for colds which can be of help and swelling under tongue. Some include over the counter medications, and others involve using old home remedies which many people still swear by. Let’s take a look at both the over the counter remedies and then look at one home remedy that is little known but works.

As soon as you notice a cold coming along, try using medicated lozenges. Sugar-free, fruit and menthol lozenges were used for many years until an upgrade on them was invented.

Those menthol lozenges which were so useful for so many years gave way to zinc lozenges. Yes! Zinc gluconate lozenges. According to Prevention (1992) “evidence suggests that “zinc zaps colds because it keeps the virus from multiplying.” Sore throat sprays are comparable to lozenges in that they are fast acting.

Now to the home remedy. As is known, one of the secrets to getting rid of a cold and sore throat is to remove as much of the phlegm in your throat as possible. Throat infections caused by the cold virus are soothed not only by menthol products but by warm liquids as well.

Begin by adding a cup of water to a container. Heat the water to a near boil. Add approximately one tablespoon white vinegar along with a full teaspoon of table salt to water. Test the solution to make sure that it is not too hot.

Gargle deeply with the solution several times, making sure to expectorate as much phlegm as possible. After the final of several gargles and swishes, swallow a small amount of the solution then expel the rest. Do this several times a day until expectorate becomes less productive.

If all home and over the counter remedies fail, you should see your doctor who will more then likely prescribe antibiotics.

As noted, it is best to start taking care of a cold and sore throat as soon as possible. Doing this prevents it from turning into something more debilitating; such as pneumonia or bronchitis.

Prevention is the best way to minimize the effects of the winter ailments. Wash your hands often, eat healthily, and do as medical officials say, get a flu shot.

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