The Strange Disease After Orgasm: Similar to the Flu and Only of Men

Research suggests that men who suffer from fever and chills after climax may have an allergy to their semen.

It is true the saying that proclaims that each person is a world, especially in bed. Not in vain, after reaching the climax, every man reacts differently. Some fall asleep placidly after, others prefer to snuggle or do the teaspoon between the sheets and a few experience a strange postcoital flu. As they read it.

Stinging eyes, nasal congestion, and fever. The symptoms seem removed from the clinical picture of the typical flu. However, this particular affection has nothing to do with the cold, humidity and sudden changes in temperature of the winter season, but with ejaculation. A study by the University of Tulane, in Louisiana, has revealed that more and more cases are diagnosed of men who become ill after reaching orgasm.

This is the postorgasmic syndrome disease (POIS), a rare disorder that affects only men and can occur after masturbation, sex or even during a wet dream. The effects it has on the body range from fever, extreme sweating or chills to nasal congestion and burning eyes. It can also cause alterations in mood and irritability.

All symptoms occur after orgasm.

That a person can not feel the greatest of pleasures without falling ill later is terrible. But that the symptoms last for almost a week is a nightmare. And is that according to the results of the study, the effects may appear immediately, or may manifest hours after having reached orgasm. And they do not disappear instantly, but they can last two to five days.

Thus, the study suggests that there may be many more cases of this rare disorder, which is recognized by the US National Institute of Rare Disease Research, but it is tough to diagnose. In general, if a person has flu-like symptoms, it does not link them to sex; but the air conditioning of the office, to have gone out with wet hair or not having put on more clothes before leaving, as his mother insisted.

The opposite can also happen men who see signs of the disease just after reaching orgasm but refrain from expressing it out of embarrassment, confusion, or just because they do not know the existence of this atypical disorder.

There is still no treatment.

To know more about the POIS, after its discovery a series of experiments were made, although their results were not conclusive. In one of them, conducted in 2011, they studied how patients’ skin reacted by impregnating their forearm with a small amount of their semen. Of the 33 men who participated, a total of 29 gave their fluid reaction.

That same year, there were also indications that it is possible to develop a cure. Two of those affected by the symptoms, who received repeated injections of a semen sample, more concentrated each time, stated that they had fewer symptoms when they were consulted at 15 and 31 months of treatment.

Not only have resorted to the most extreme methods, but other medications have also been prescribed more typical of the kit of any home based on vitamins and testosterone patches and have even been recommended to patients to eliminate dairy from their diet.

However, the only thing that works is abstinence. In fact, many of those affected end up avoiding sexual activity for fear of the subsequent odyssey, a decision that can mark all aspects of everyday life and that can change their emotional relationships and even deprive them of the happiness of enjoying as a couple or of oneself.

So, although some feel rejected at the idea of having to prick a derivative of their semen, an unpleasant a priori idea, it is still a better option than to deprive oneself of the pleasures of the flesh altogether.

Much remains to be known.

It is necessary to continue investigating. Without going any further, an investigation showed that more than 50 percent of men with POIS also suffer from premature ejaculation, although the connection between these two conditions is not yet clear.

One case has been in which a woman experienced the symptoms of the flu after being in contact with the male fluid, suggesting the possibility that women may also be affected by a semen antigen.

As if it were an obstacle course, science has to keep moving forward and study each one of the cases until a compelling and definitive treatment is found. Until then, the POIS Center forum works so that the wait does not go uphill.

Your platform is an escape route for those affected, who share their experiences and talk about the techniques they use so that the symptoms do not end with their sex life. The goal is that this disorder has visibility and does not become taboo. The more you talk about it and the more cases you know, the more chances there are to find your cure.

Now, why does this happen? When the Dutch neuroscientist Marcel Waldinger discovered the disease in 2002, it was suggested that the origin of the condition could be a type of semen allergy. The new research has not only confirmed that the fluid is the kryptonite of some men, but also has indicated that they have registered more than 50 cases over the past few years, adding to the 200 already documented.

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